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Hello everyone im new to reefing and just set up my first tank a little over a month ago, in the month and few weeks ive been doing this i have quadrupled my interest in the the hobby.

I have a 20g tank working on making it a nano reef.

I have stocked in it


1 scooter dragonet

1 firefish goby

2 false perc clowns

1 cleaner shrimp

2 pepperment shrimp

some nerite snails and some hermit crabs


I have around 26-27 lbs of rock total and have recently started adding corals

tiny xenia frag

small capnella frag

maybe 6-7 head candy cane coral

and a pretty good colony of green star poylps


well hello everyone and looking forward to future advice(clap)(clap)(clap)(clap)

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Give it a couple more years... lol! And remember, taking it as slow as your A.D.D. will allow is best. The Ocean didn't grow reefs in a month or two, and neither will your tank! Welcome to the site and the hobby. There are many folks on here that are super helpful and can give great advice, take advantage.

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