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Fish tanks acrylic 125 TruVu, 16 & 240 cube, 180 Glass 4 metal halides, 4 sumps


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Aquarium fish tank acrylic x4 Glass 4 metal halides skimmer pump sump


240 gallon Cube 3 View, 1 black back, 4 returns, bottom plumed, ready for action!

(half inch thick with closed & open loop system, 2 - 2" bottom overflows, 7 returns, this system Rocks, and can be rerouted to meet your needs. For the Coral Masters delight.

*** New $2,400 Now accepting offers at 70% off $750 obo comes with Sump, skimmer and metal halide ballasts for $250obo.



Acrylic Fish tanks (4) for sale 240, 125, 160, & 180 Glass tank






125 Gallon TruVu Aquarium 3 weeks New - this is the ideal tank construction and size for any home 72"x18x20" not one scratch on this beauty.

4 Weeks Old

Complete set up with the following:

-Skimmer (up to 250 gallons)

-4 week old sump

-1,100 gph Pump GenX

-Black stand (nice)

-New canopy teak can be painted 72x20x18" approximately but is made to fit assorted tank sizes (unused)

-Frosted glass tank covers

-Fiji rock @ $6.00/lb


Tank alone was $1,200, not including $600 stand and canopy, sump $450, that's $2,250 not including equipment.


Complete 125 gallon TruVu set up $1500 obo (this stands for January 11th - the 18th)

If you already have equipment that's fine, just the tank, stand and canopy = $1,000 obo (motivated to sell this week after I may not need to), if you want all the equipment we can work out a deal.



160 gallon cube custom made by infamous James The Tank Maker - beveled edges, round corners, custom cut top, 2 black walls, one overflow box, and 3'x3' is perfect size and design.



180 Gallon Glass Tank with metal stand for sale

- tank and stand only $600 obo

- filtration system and more available



Accepting best offers and trades. Looking for 375-1,000 gallon Aquarium. 8-12' would be ideal.


-Aquarium Controller

-Phosban Reactor



-Show Rock


-Anything for my Community Reef Tank that would be of interest and value


Email for more images!



**Other related items for sale and or trade:

-Custom Acrylic Sump available as well.

- 24" Long x 14x 16 approx

- 36" Long

- 48" Long

- 44" Long


-4 Metal halides, 2 ballast and 4 lights, electronic

-2 Protein skimmers rated for 300 and 250 gallon tanks.

-Eheim 950GPH pumps x3

-Canopy 72x24x20 (approximate)


-and much more



Location: Camas Portland

it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

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The vague hint made me think Envision' date=' but everything I hear about this poster makes me question everything they say.[/quote']


Weird that they would post and completely ignore people. I've send a couple PMs... Should get a warning for spamming if they aren't going to respond to people :P Just an idea.


They already have a warning for spamming. Please keep me posted if they are not complying with the warning, thanks.

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Sorry about the non replies but I did not get the messages from anyone that said I didn't get back to them. I work 12-16 hour days. I am new to this site and was blocked for posting this add twice. I was nit able to access the site for weeks so apologize for not being able to reply.


125 TruVu 1 month old sold for $1350 for complete set up.


Have a lot of tanks and equipment not listed.


Trying to get a hold of James or someone to build me a 10-12'x4'x30" tank. (lost all my contacts)


Appreciate referrals for a reliable tank maker. Thanks

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