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Bubble algae


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I have this stuff starting to take over my tank. I got an emerald crab, but just 1 and I'm not sure he touches the stuff. Any 1 out there have effective ways of eliminating it. I am going to pick up 1 or 2 more emeralds to see if that helps, but I( think I'd like a little more hands on control over the problem.

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I have Pukani LR, which is great stuff, but a bear when it comes to fighting bubble.


What I found out when I had my outbreak of bubble is that Aiptasia-x happens to work great. I had some bubble in a spot on the LR that I couldn't reach and, I don't remember what made me think to try this, but I shut my filtration and circulation off and covered the bubble in Aipt-x. I let it sit for about 10 mins and then turned the circulation back in. In a day or so, the bubble lost its green color and eventually dissolved in a few weeks. I ended up winning the battle quite quickly that way.


What I THINK is going on is the Aipt-x somehow kills the bubble. With the bubble dead, over time, the spores inside die as well. When the bubble finally dissolves and the spores are released, they are dead and don't propagate.



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