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Coldwater Cube For Sale


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Drunkreefer broke down his coldwater cube and is looking to sell it.


It comes with everything you see pictured, except the livestock.


Its designed to be ran as a closed loop system for flow and uses a Little Giant external pump which is plugged into a cool little relay that allows you to shut off the pump for up to 2 minutes with the push of an external button on the stand and it will come back on automatically.



Water changes are super simple since we have plumbed a valve from the lowest point in the tank to a drain point accessible from the front of the tank.


The stock 1/3 horse chiller is still inside the stand and hooked up but it needs refurbishing. A 1/2 horse chiller has been added inline to replace it. Both are included.


Currently has a dimmable par38 LED bulb over it. Or if you would rather have it, or you want to grow marine algae, I would trade my higher output 50w LED spotlight for the Par38 bulb to who ever buys this setup.


Has an oversized SWC Skimmer


Asking $500 obo.


Or $400 obo without the 1/2 horse chiller.


Any questions about the tank or to come see it, please PM myself or Drunkreefer,


Thanks :D..........................and now PICTURES!!!



















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