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30 Gallon Cube Reef

Blue Z Reef

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Since I have strayed away from seahorses, I am restarting my cube thread. Just doing a mixed reef with clams.



30 gallon acrylic cube

150w Metal Halide/T5 combo light

400 gph wavemaker

CPR back pac 2

Two Fishies Phosban Reactor


Here's some pics with my new clam that I picked up last week. Seems to be doing well and rests nicely on the rock I put him on, hopefully he will attach.


Has 2 chromies, hermits, snails and a few misc corals. Still messing with halide bulbs to find one I like, this one is still too white for my likeing (comp)







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Thanks guys, we'll see how it goes, so far so good :)


Here's the original pics I took for reference of the rest of the gear and my beautiful cabinet haha!


Here it is with the 150w "15000k" (noway (nutty) lol) light



Here's the rock and a few random corals I tossed in for kicks



Still a bit dusty from first putting the sand in a few weeks ago, haven't bothered cleaning it just yet (laugh)



Here it is with just the actinic t5's on



And the light


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New Clams from Coralgasm.com!


Check em out! Ordered 3 and got 4! They are small, so they will take a bit more work feeding and such, but the colors are amazing. They will definately be crazy nice when they get bigger (rock2)


If you haven't checked out coralgasm.com, they have lots of corals and clams. They are currently not showing clams on their site...I may have bought them all out lol! They pack everything very well and even throw in two free beer can/bottle coozies and some phyto to feed the new clams! Great deals and $100 gets you free shipping (couldn't pass that up!). Really impressed with my first order (clap)


Without any further adue, here's the clams:


This one is blue/turquose:



Three together:



This ones my fav in the batch:



Couldn't get a good pic, but this one is dark purple with blue highlights:



Comparison with my larger clam:



Snail getting up in his grill (laugh)



One last shot of everything:


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New Additions!


Well, I loved my order from Coralgasm so much the first time, I couldn't pass up ordering again! Picked up 2 Wellsos and a scolly ;)


I replaced my MH bulb with a Radium bulb. Most expensive MH bulb i've ever bought! I was getting tired of the bad colors from the cheap bulbs and just bit the bullet (I kinda figured if i'm gonna spend as much as I do on the corals...they should have nice lights too lol!). It has a nice amout of blue, a little less than I would have liked, but way better than totally white. I am likely going to do a rapidled diy strip to get some more blues going on here soon (plotting)


Also picked up a little sailfin tang at OIAB to help clean up some hair algae. He's doing a great job so far! Once he gets bigger i'll put him in my 90 (sorry tang police!!! (scary))


Added some yumas, birdsnest, and Tyree mushroom frags from Danik, Thanks man!


This Wellso has NEON green/yellow highlights, looks insane with actinics!



Scolly is kinda pink/purple and blue. I want to get some more blues/uv in my tank lighting to make it pop



Nice teal color on this wellso



Camera hog SF tang



He's to dang fast to get a clear close shot!



The reef!


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Nice looking tank .. Not sure I would put a sailfin tang in 30 they grow quick.


I had some hair algae come out of some rock I wanted him to take care of (and with the possible off chance that he would eat bubble algae). He will go in my 90 when he's a bit bigger and outgrows the tank.

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