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New corals


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Huge thank you to reefboy for the amazing corals. Both are doing great today. I got a neon green bubble, and a candycane turbo. Here are a couple pictures. The three that are under actinic light are from last night after they went in the tank. The two with more light are from today after the other light came on. The color isn't to great at the moment becuse I also got a new light system yesterday, so I have screen over the tank to help the new and old coral acclimate. Its a 36w PC 50/50. I also still have a 15w t8 actinic over the tank. The tank is a 10 gallon.






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Nice choices! Bubbles are fun corals and everyone is amazed by them lol! You can feed them by hand too once in a while and they'll grow a bit faster, but mine usually just catch the excess food. My clowns use to get up in my green bubble...however, they host a toadstool and kenya tree (laugh) (nutty)

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looking good and the other coral is a acan lord and it was great to meet you and your mom




They are still doing great. I had a little trouble with my powerhead though. It is a little to strong, its like a jet. The bubble didn't like it, but my HOB,that I turned in to a fuge is not enough flow alone. What are some good powerheads for nano tanks, and does someone have one I might be able to buy.

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