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LED Lights, 250w halide, Lumenarc, etc.


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Ok so first off, I have 3 Apollo Reef LED lighting setups.

The first one is a gen 1, 12k, used for about 7 months. Works great, I just upgraded to the new model, all boxed up and ready to go - $240 SOLD SOLD



The other two I have are brand new, in box. They are the new Solarblast Ultra model (non dimmable). These new models have added moonlights, changed up a few things including the housing (now aluminum, with moonligts, better hanging kit, and a few other little things). Also the color on these is more blue than the originals. Truer to a 14k.

I am in the process of hanging this one on my 57g tank right now and it looks sweet, and they seem to have a bit better spread than the generation 1's!

For these, I would like $300 each. NEW PRICE $275, ONE STILL AVAILABLE

Here is a link to the website:


Here is a link with the light (dimmable version, same light though) being compared to the AI Sol



I also have a 250w electronic ballast, with large SE lumenarc reflector, and I will throw in a couple used bulbs I have had lying around. -$100 for all of it SOLD SOLD





I have a great condition, VERY lightly used lumenmax 3 pendant (DE) all packed up in original box -$70 NEW PRICE $60, STILL AVAILABLE

I think I have a couple new 250w DE bulbs somewhere too, I can make ya a deal on them as well if interested.


I regularly make trips down to Portland, and often Salem. I am also willing to split shipping costs on the LED lights if you would prefer to have them shipped.

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