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Lights Finally


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The new 180gal 48"x36x24" just finished the light rack and hooked it all up

IMG_6395.jpg the bulbs are my favorite Phoenix 14k's 250 HQI's powered by a Dual PFO HQI ballast and the reflectors are over size Lumenarcs.


Now need to get the calcium reactor on line - its a DIY Calcium Reactor with a Venturi Injector

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Thanks, it's clean cause there nothing in it but a clean up crew (laugh). I always like the open or non tradition "hood" cause of the heat involved and the "clunkyness" of the look of the full hood.


It's adjustable up and down just need to tidy up the wires a little more. I'm glad I made the reflectors over size as I only wanted to use 2 of them and the spread is great, no shadows. This will tie me over till I get some LEDS.

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