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I learned a new lesson

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I hate learning lessons the hard way, but like my students sometimes that is just how it works. This break I had one of the other teachers watch my tank while my family was away. I had everything super detailed, tanks were labeled, I had a grid setup with containers holding the food for each day arranged by tank, I even had water by each tank to top off sumps marked with when to add water and how much.


When I got back I noticed my fox face was looking really slim and not really acting right, then I realized what I forgot to tell my helpers. They were feeding the fish late in the evening after the fish had been long asleep. I guess what seems obvious to me, feed fish when lights are on, isn't so obvious. So, my fox face apparently wasn't getting what he normally would have gotten and my lack of algae in the tank, thanks to him, wasn't going to help him either.


Anyway, kind of a bummer, he died the next day, he was the coolest fox face I've seen. He didn't hide and was super personal, the kids loved him. I've learned my lesson.

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Sorry to hear about the fox face Robbie. I will see you on Sunday at the usual place. I know from experience that bad stuff usually happens over breaks at school. I will swap war stories with you some time. I always kept in the back of my mind how important having the tanks in the classroom was and that usually got me over the bad tank trauma.

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