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Complete ready to go tank setup with accessories.


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Hello all, I've decided to sell my saltwater aquarium. I will try to be as accurate and descriptive as I can. This setup comes with the following: a Coralife High Output T5 fixture with 4 blue led moonlights that are aimable built in (bulbs are about 8 months old, and I still have the box in like-new condition as well), a CPR 90 overflow box with aqualifter, a standard 55 gallon main tank, glass tops, a custom made sump that has about a 30 gallon capacity, solid wood aquarium stand, an Aqua C Urchin in-sump protein skimmer with Rio brand pump, a 750 gph return pump, an in-sump heater, filter sock, and all plumbing. Accessories are: mag-float aquarium cleaner, a frag rack with sealed magnets, a hyrdrometer (both the float-type and the kind where you place water on the glass to look through), a box of salt, food grade 5 gallon buckets, 2 different sized water siphons for cleaning, a bottle of aptasia treatment, a saltwater master testing kit, 2 different sized nets, and a small neon light fixture for in-sump use. There's about 60 lbs of live rock or so in the tank, fine white sand for substrate, a few random corals (a few mushrooms, frogspawn, bubble coral, etc.), some random snails, hermit crabs, 2 types of small starfish, a tube anemone that has purple tentacles and a bright green center, a rose bulb tipped anemone, and a tank raised true clownfish. There is some red algae on one side of the tank (due to poor circulation in that spot), and the substrate could be sifted (or you could add a watchman goby), and certainly a water change wouldn't hurt. I'm sure I have a few more things that I'm forgetting that I'll throw in for free. I'll help take it down and move it to your vehicle for you as well. Not looking to make my money back on this setup, just hoping it goes to a good home. Price is $400 for everything. If you're interested in certain parts, here is the pricing for each individual item: Light fixture- $150, 55 gallon aquarium with glass tops-$50, all the animals/coral-$50, CPR overflow box with aqualifter and plumbing-$25, 60-70 lbs live rock-$100, custom made sump with baffles-$20, return pump with plumbing-$40, protein skimmer with powerhead-$40, heater-$10, box of salt, misc aquarium supplies, and master test kit is best offer, or perhaps free with certain purchases. Please PM me with any questions. Thank you.


For some reason my computer won't let me upload pics, so here's a link for the same ad I posted on Craigslist that has pics of the tank: http://salem.craigslist.org/for/2776618330.html

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I'm not sure exactly what I should ask for everything' date=' but I figured I'd start at $400 for everything. I paid $300 for the light fixture alone. I'm open to suggestions. Thank you.[/quote']

That's a very fair price! You might want to add the price to your first post. You may get more views that way! :)

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