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30 Gallon Seahorse Cube - Need help/suggestions

Blue Z Reef

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Hey all,


So my girlfriend always wanted to have a seahorse and since I can't exactly just toss one in my 90 gallon reef, I decided to start a new one.


I came across a nice 30 gallon acrylic cube on CL and picked it up. Currently, here's the setup:


30 gallon acrylic w/ stand and hood

CPR Bac Pack 2 HOB skimmer

Two Little Fishies Phosban Reactor

150w Metal Halide Fixture w/ T5's and LEDs (Odyssea)


It's up and running with liverock from OIAB and some from my tank. New live sand bottom as well. Still cycling, but should be going fast as I typically change 5 gallons from my 90 and put it in the cube to speed things up.



Now I haven't added a wavemaker/powerhead yet. I am not sure how powerful of one to add as the seahorses are supposed to be lower flow. The problem is that we want to also put a clam in the tank as well as some corals, so I need to find a happy medium where I'm not totally blasting the horse, but the corals are also getting enough too. Corals are going to be mostly based on Gorgonian and sea whips for the seahorse to "hitch" on. Any ideas on what to use?


I will post pics when I run home for lunch (plotting)

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Ok, snapped a few pics at lunch:


Here it is with the 150w "15000k" (noway (nutty) lol) light



Here's the rock and a few random corals I tossed in for kicks



Still a bit dusty from first putting the sand in a few weeks ago, haven't bothered cleaning it just yet (laugh)



Here it is with just the actinic t5's on



Another angle actinics



And the light


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I don't actually know the answer, but what about DIY-ing something (im thinkng just a 3"sq sheet of plastic) in front of the powerhead so it's flow gets pushed out...that might get the flow randomized enough that the horse doesn't get blasted. Also, there are super small PH's down into the double digits...could try a few of them?

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Actually guys, looks like we are bailing on the horses. After doing some more extensive research, I really don't want to deal with them being so needy lol. My girlfriend agreed after listening to a podcast on keeping them and needing to be fed 2-3 times a day, tons of precautions, capatability issues, etc. Also, I know that i'll be the one doing all the footwork even though its "her tank" so I kinda put the kabosh on it :D


That said: tank is gonna be for clams, corals, and a few "pretty" fish. After I give it some more cycling time, I'm hoping to get a blue and turquise maxima to put in there. In the mean time, its off to OIAB soon to get a cleanup crew going!


I think i'm gonna just get a wavemaker in the ~450 gph range and call it good with a 15x turnover

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