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What is your lighting period?


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I have a 6 lamp T5 Tek fixture above my 90G and have been running the main lights 10 hours a day with the 2 dawn, dusk bulbs on an extra 2 hours before they come on and after they go off.


Does this sound like too long? I have mostly SPS frags at this point as the tank isn't even 4 months old.

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10 is not to long-I used to run 12 hours of actinics with 10 of the halides and my tank is only SPS


I kmow run 10 hours total, with an hour at each end my Royal Nlues onlt-My tank is now all LED and after a month or so I will make it 12 hours again with the RB on an hour before and after the whites turn off.


You are fine with the way your are, I am just limiting the time now so I dont get more "green" on the rocks, the tanks new and coraline is growing fast but I want to wait until it comes in more on the rocks before increasing the photo period

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