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Interested in clownfish breeding?


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If you are interested in trying your hand at clownfish breeding, I saw a fat large and apparently healthy female ocellaris clown at World of Wet Pets yesterday. Not a misbar. Ocellaris clowns are supposed to be the fastest to mature to market size, and most peaceful if you have a smallish broodstock tank, so a good bet if you wanted to try your hand at spawning a marine fish. On the other hand the fact that she is there alone suggests either she is mean or her owner quit keeping fish. Best to ask (: Being as large as she is I would use a large tank to introduce her to a mate, possibly with a divider if you won't be around to supervise the nuptials. And as always quarantine, though I would bet a fish that old already beat and developed immunity for just about anything you might stumble across. Did not ask price but am guessing she won't be there long so calling ahead is a good idea if you are interested. I would take her but I have 2.5 pairs already. On the hunt for a good onyx perc myself.


Hoping it is ok to announce stuff like this since WOWP is not a sponsor. Trying to support budding breeders since our last meeting was on breeding reef fish. This ok? She is a beauty...

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Awsome thanks for the heads up , I would love to but have not got the room . I how ever think it is good practice to hear about other peoples interactions with local stores sponsor or not . Sharing information of all kinds can only make our hobby stonger. With the good comes the bad as long as we are continuing to learn and pass on the knoledge. =) Oh by the way I always mistake your smilies as frowns just cause I am not used to seeing them backwards like that (=

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