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180 complete set up and running with 55 sump


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Good afternoon I am thinking about selling my complete salt water tank. It comes with all the pumps, lighting, live rock, live sand, live corals and live fish. This is what I have.


180 plex tank with 2 internal over flows 2 returns and 4 loop nosel system.

2 x 400w 20k lights with ballest reflectors and 2 extra ballest.

2 x 150w 20k lights with ballest and reflectors.

2 x 48in T5 lights with ballest.

1 ecoline ex. pump.

1 gen-x 30 and one gen-x 20 for back up.

1 500 gal. skimmer and pump.

2 x 2500 gal wave makers plus 2 new back ups.

2 x auto timers.

1 300w tit. heater.

1 x 8 plug gen sound 120 outlet model 8500.

55 gal truevu sump tank.


250 + lbs of live rock.

150 + lbs of live sand.

lots of high end corals.

nice fish and inverts.


rodi water maker 150 gal a day.

3 x 55 gal food grade barrels with lids.


There is a lot more items pack away that will also go with this sale. I will not break this up. The sale is 3500.00 for the complete system. and I have more then that just into the rock and corals. I am selling this because I have a couple of operation coming up and wont be able to keep up on the tank maintance.

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