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THANK YOU Kim,Beth, and Brad


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I forget to mentioning


SHHHHHHHHH- I dont want to tarnish my reputation (whistle)

If I find the Orange yuma its yours too-I know when I tear my tank down it'll show.


Glad to help-you do a lot for the group yourself!


That was nice of you Brad. This was no let me cut off a piece of kenya tree donation. He gave her purple hornets and they were already opening in the bag while they were floating in my tank. Beth wanted to switch them out for some lovely dragoneyes(plotting)(laugh). Did I mention purple is her favorite color!


Your reputation as a member of the cyberbully 7 is officially over!(laugh)

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He had a moment of relapse and I am very appretiative of that. Thank you brad. And luckily they made it to me because I know if it would have waited until after the meeting I probably wouldn't have gotten them. Lol. J/k I know Beth would have given them to me. They do look really pretty in my tank.(drooler)

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