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good or bad starfish?


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So i have seen four of these small somewhat misshapen but not really misshapen starfish in my tank recently. I have a sand sifting star that i have had for about 7 months. But with doing some research i"ve found bad and good about them but decided to ask the experts here on the forum.


heres a few pics not great but may do





any help is appreciated thanks

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They are all over my tank and I have never seen any issues w/ any corals in my tank. They are on the glass a lot and I assume eating algae, also I see them around the base of the corals but never on them. And when I say they are all over I mean that I can't look any where in the tank without seeing 2-3 of them. I also have a large verity of corals so if they did eat corals it's not like there wouldn't be 1 in there that they might find tasty.

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I have them in my tank as well. For me the light colored ones like in your picture dont bother anything. But the ones with darker grey down the center of the legs eat corals. Killed both my caps, and another acro may not make it. So I just pluck them out when I see them. Like drunkreefer said halequins eat only starfish.

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