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Proud mommy update


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So my maroons are going on day seven and I will be giving them bbs tommorrow. and they have pigmentation now. though I did have a small clutch of eggs and I had some problems I have ten fry right now


the first fry I've hatched in over a year and a different breed too for me. I think I'm doing good..



One clown alive at the end is good statisticly. because in the wild none might have lived. I keep tellng myself that.. and I have fun doing it and thats all that matters.. and My family has been a great help cause Of my injury and stuff and of course barecuda thanks again for always helping..


I have to say it seems lot a lot of work but if anyone ever wants to try id be willing to help and lone you my books... and stuff.. cause I think its a great experience that barecuda shared with me and Id love to pass along.. It is it's own reward


If you live in the area I know a guy who has rotifers cheap real good guy... and he'd love your business.. and he is always been there for me at a moments notice. Eric who use to run liquid sunshine and him were friends and eric introduced me to him..


Id love to share and learn too... I have so much fun. thanks for everyones suppport and when the babys get big enough some may be sold for tanks for teachers. so keep that in mind. Cause I have little room to keep them... But it's all for the love of it right?

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So The babys are getting up there in age now. They are slow to metomophice but I think thats because I had a crash of my bbs. so they have only flakes and rotifers till my baby's hatch. Specialy since they cant have bbs that are older than two days. But I definatley have some eating flakes. and i know they ssem to be changing a bit though. Just not as fast as I hoped... I lost a few babys the other night but I cant even find their bodies to see if they died from bbs. over eating etc.


I was house sitting for the night at day ten and when I came back they just vanished. I did check ammonia and that was negative, and I also did some bottom cleaning and checked the air level which is good.



Though last night I had my worse night mare happen. I was flake feeding right before bed and was shaking the flake food into the tank with a bbs net when the net flipped into the tank so the fry tank got two water changes yesterday. now it is very clean.

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So. The babys are now with filter. And are growing fast. Sorry haven't been on for a long time. I've been injured and lost my feeling in my leg and back at. Work. And now I am out of work. Saif has denied my claim and the independent doctor they sent me to see hurt me even worse. So I have to fight saif with the lawyer if he. Thinks I can win. And good old peace health put my job up for grabs. So when I am released I still work for them but have to apply for a job somewhere in the hospital just like a new employee.so I'm broke. Jobless. And can't do much with my tanks without someones help.I don't really move around much without my cane.. but the babys are doing well.just a bit of misbaring. They at least turned out good.. I'm pleased. Thanks to my hubbys help

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