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I have gone from being gainfully employed to being a starving college student. I no longer have time, energy, or funds to support this hobby. I have gotten rid of most of my equipment, but I have 3 things left, 2 of which I am 'giving away'



Milwaukee pH Pen - Battery powered probe that measures pH in water from 0.0-14.0. NO MORE COUNTING DROPS! It works most of the time. It probably needs to be calibrated, and new batteries. I paid $20 for it.


Maxi-Jet 1200 and Maxi-Mod - Seriously, this thing was WAY too powerful for my 40b. It works like a Koralia, spreading the flow out. I probably paid $40 for the setup.



Both of these are 'free' to anyone who wants them, given these conditions:


1 - You are a PNWMAS member. If you aren't one, this is a great time to become one. For what you would pay for the probe new, you can be a member of this forum and get access to some cool stuff, along with supporting the website you are using right now. Yes, I see the irony in how I am not a member. Feel free to use the profit you get in reselling my used crap to pay for my membership too if you want, or just donate that money to the club. Go wild.


2 - You promise to make some kind of donation to Tanks for Teachers at one point in your reefing career, no matter how small it is. Mr. S was VERY kind to me when I first came here, and he has been taking this hobby to a level beyond what we can appreciate as home reefers and needs OUR support to continue what he is doing. If you don't know much about Tanks for Teachers, you should get in contact with him and find out.



Those items are free to anyone who meets those criteria, and you are more than welcome to resell them for a profit when you are done with them, or hand them down to the next reefer that might need them in the same manner. I have found nothing but kindness and generosity in this forum, and met my closest friend in Oregon through this club and his sharing of the hobby. I hope that in my absence I can at least continue the cycle of giving and help a new reefer or two in the same way that I was helped before.


The last thing I have is not free, but is for sale. It is an 8 bulb 48" T5 light (24" wide). It has 6500k bulbs so they will need to be changed for a reef setup, or if someone is interested in freshwater planted tanks (that is what it was bought for...) it will do the trick. It is VERY bright, and has the option to turn off the outer 4 bulbs with a switch. This is a great opportunity for a reefer to experiment with T5 lighting, and order a cool bulb setup (Reefcentral had some interesting mixtures of bulbs to produce 20k and 14k spectrums out of T5.) I paid $350 for it 6 months ago, and only used it for maybe a month. I am asking $200 for it, but make me a -reasonable- offer and I'll be happy to get the thing out of my living room. You are more than welcome to come by and poke and prod and check it out. It'd be a great light for a 4-6' tank for a fraction of the cost of a HID setup (energy use and initial cost combined!) I'd also be interested in trading for some sort of bicycle.


You can text me or call me at 702-672-3036. I assume by your contact that you meet my criteria, and I will not ask or check for confirmation.

Best Reefing to everyone,



EDIT: Probe and Maxi are spoken for. Mods, please feel free to rename my post since I no longer have free items available.

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