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Maroon clown Fry update


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So My maroon clown fry are now passed day three and eating rotifers well. They are in a 20gallon ADA tank with about seven gallons of water..


The three walls of the tank were blacked out with white poster board from my sisters work that I spray painted.. Ane the front I always use a bath towel held up with hair clips..


second clutch of fry these clowns have laid so this is the first I have tried to hatch. I started with about fifty maybe and they were really small and not with full yok sacs. but all the eggs did hatch. I counted at least thirty today. some already with very big full tummys

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So I can see maybe a few now that still might not make it, but I have negative ammonia in the tank and 8.0 ph as of a few minutes ago and 1.023 salinity... which is good because I have only done a 2% waterchange. I dont have Iodide in the house nor money to buy it because I have a work injury and am disabled right now and unable to work. therefore I'm broke. So they are not getting the last frys help with speedy metimorfice. but I am doing well. No white algae blooms like last time. Though now I have my sieves so no mor rotifer water is hitting the fry tank.



I am using Phyto feast this time to feed my rotifers instead of phyto plex like I did with my baby tomatos last time. The rotifers seem to like it, and the baby's too.. Because I didnt have money so my dad gave me his expencive reef food.. Thanks to my dad... My hubby has done all the heavy hard stuff for me bless his soul.


The rotifers are grown in a one court container for juice with a air line house at the bottom and the phyto feast and that is it and then I have the tank.. Very state of the art i'd say... hehe... That all I have room for in my one bedroom apartment with two dogs and my hubby and eight tanks already...


But the Fry seem strong. In the ADA tank I have a recalled shatter proof heater that they never sent a call tag for marineland though they were suppose to. Im not happy but had nothing else. any way and I have an air wand in the tank and thats it. Over the top of the tank I bought a small watt light from walmart the other day and that'is it...


Not as cool as the clown house but one day I will have my own clown house just like his...


By the way if you get a chance to see the clown house do. so cool

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