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Fragging Green Kenya Help


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Ok so i have this crazy big kenya? leather? the more i look, its like taylor said a green kenya. background.... I got from a friend like it is couple months ago the frag was placed inside a hole in a rock and has since grown onto the rock 2" up the stem and has gotten bigger than I want, I have taken some small frags but still to big. Any way it's got 3 branches off the main stem and am wanting to cut it into 3 main frags but the stems are to long to rubber band or zip tie.


Is it possible to cut it with out leaving anything on the main stem?

Will the main stem produce anything or just die?

What is the best way to adhere them to a small rock?

Can you glue them to a rock?

I ask because t dont think i have a enough of a low flow are for the 3 frags to sit in a plastic dish without coming out


Any advice is appreciated.....

TFT if interested in some small frags before i butcher pm me i am more than welcome to help out

If another pic will help i will post one tmrw


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Chop it any place you want. Then stick a toothpick through the base part so the ends of the pic are sticking out both sides. Then hook a rubber band around each end of the toothpick and go under the rock. This will hold the side of the trunk to the rock till it grows onto the rock, then pull the pic out.

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Dont be shocked as you cut it any all the fluid casues it to shrivel so cut enough to where you have a decent amout of "stalk to put the tooth pick.

You dont want the rubber band tight at all, it will end up cutting right through.


I use the stretchy string that is designed to keep your bait on when fishing-It allows you to wrap it snug, rubberbands are a PIA.


What you have is a Green Sinularia




you can cut it without leaving anything on the "stem" it woud grow back if you chopped it down to the base (most likely) leaving just an inch of coral

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Thank you for your help! the base of this is probably 6-8 in from the from the rock to the first branch and need to know if i chop off the main branches if the base is ok to leave in the tank or just toss out and keep the frags


The "base" will regrow, so dont toss it unless you dont want it, but it will grow back

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