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empty tank trade


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I am looking for a 30 gallon extra high tank...hoping to use it as a live rock 'fuge' next to a small sump under my 55. Have a 12 gallon eclipse bowfront (complete setup) as trade. nice acrylic, used to be fresh. comes with heater, wet/dry filter, light/hood, gravel, plants, airstone...the whole deal for fresh, nearly there for salt...in fact, if you want to do salt and want sand, I'd be happy to give you 10-20 lbs out of my reef tank (super fine aragonite).


looking for just an empty 30 gallon, scratches ok, lid preferred, but not necessary. Oh, and not tempered (acrylic is fine) as I want to drill the side of it.

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Thanks crazyInside. I just went to get the URL and saw your response. Here's a link anyways: http://www.aqueonproducts.com/products/standard-aquariums.htm

second to last tank on the list...


Basically: I'm trying to get as much live rock as I can in that footrprint...any good thoughts/offers? I can add some gsp and/or ricordea to sweeten the deal!

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