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wtt snow flake eel for a coral or something


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So I have had this snow flake eel for a few years now in my 90 gallon tank. Since he was less than an inch long... and now I must say though we love him he must go.. he got too big. He is a. Bit bigger than a foot I am guessing. He never knocks stuff over. He leaves my hermit crabs alone, annd snails. Though we did have a sally light foot disapear. And shrimp in his tank aren't a good idea cause we use to feed him shrimp.. corals aren't a problem for him either.. I have a breedding pair of clowns in there with him and he even leaves the eggs alone... so if u have a big enough tank u can do a swap... I'm not too particular cause he just is too big... he doesn't even mess with my clam

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