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nelsz3 noob 75g tank


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long time forum reader first time posting my tank. tank is about 7 months old now. i got the tank from a friend that had it up for 2+ years but still had to cycle when i got it with the LR and a month after a blue hippo took out a couple clowns, 1ft+ engineer goby,(loved that fish) lawnmower blenny, powder brown tang. Now from another friend and better light i have some corals doing awesome! so here are some pics of the tank... nothing special as far as equipment go mostly diy to get it by until i can afford to build a real reef tank but the wife and kids are happy with it as is my dog who likes to watch the tank as much as i do! Thanks to SMANN for the new additions .. looking good so far










like i said nothing special but for a second time noob with fish and first with coral I'm pretty proud so far

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Nice start ! I agree Dendros are very cool and they are much more difficult to get these days. I had a nice colony I got from Brad but ended up selling it when I broke down the tank as I was worried it would get too stressed and I didn't have the time to spot feed it as often!

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