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Posted on another forum, but the only response I got was maybe it's just a brown acro. This maybe true, but I don't think so. So I'm posting here hoping for some ideas.


So about 4 months ago I received this acropa that was completely browned out. Thought for sure it would never live, but it did. Now everything in my 20 long shows amazing growth and color. I put something in my tank and it grows and colors up for me right away including the other 2 acropas I have 1 green and the other yellow w/ blue tips. I've even thrown a couple of corals in there that were [language filter] near dead only to have them recover and start to grow with in a week.


This particular acro just stays brown. Polyps which were no existent when I got it are now long lush and everywhere. I've tried moving it up towards the light and away. Please don't think that I didn't give it some time I gave it over a month any time I moved it. Still no luck.


Dose anyone know why it may be refusing to show any color, or could some one share their tips about acros with me.

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I have an acro that I picked up in March, or April that was pretty bleached with blue tips. It prettty much completely browned out. Very healthy and growing, just no color.

The last couple weeks I have noticed the tips getting some blue back. I'm currious if it will totaly recover.

The way I look at it, it is still a cool coral that is part of a mixed reef whether or not it has a lot of color.

Good luck and keep us posted if it does show some color.


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I agree with most posts here. Just put it in a spot in your tank that is ideal for typical Acro and forget about it. If it survives, great, if not, you will have some live rock! :)


I have had two acros that were totally browned out and have come back after ~3 months and are thriving. I just left them alone and didn't touch them or move 'em!

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+ 1 on this. i baught two colonies, one has coloredup and looks fine and the other has just stayed the same. looks healthy though.

Was this one of the brown colonies from SWF? If so I have the same issue with one of my colonies. It has a faint purple/green color to it but mostly brown.
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