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My new DIY frag tank


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I've been home for the last 3 weeks with my wife caring for our newborn which has been quite the change for us. But during naps and feedings i have been able to get my frag tank built and installed inline with my display. I snapped pics along the way to share :)


The stand was simple, 2x4s and some 1/2" plywood sealed with Kilz. I used my Kreg tool for the first time and make pocket holes to hold it together.








I bought 2 of these 18x18x16 tanks for a great deal from Micah. They have been painted on one side blue and a tan color on the bottom. There is also a hole drilled about 4" from the bottom of the tank in the back wall, and to top it off it has been sealed. I wanted 4 clear sides and a bulkhead to drain into my sump. So i got to work.










I wanted to repaint the trim as well, i went with black





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Crappy iphone, er crappy shot from my iphone. I moved my Rhizo in there to make feeding it easier, and the last of what i had in my old QT/frag tank that was not connected to the display. Once i get the LED light on there, i'll use the 70 MH over the other cube just like this one for QTing corals and fish. But i can also close the valves and make this tank isolated too so thats handy :)



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Its an ebay chinese one, 120w with 55 3w LEDs (not sure how you get 120w, but the 1w ones only have 112 LEDs so thats not 120w either lol) it has 30 blues and 25 whites, switches for each color and 3 fans. The fans a little loud, i may replace them with quieter fans sometime. I figured for $165 shipped this would be the cheapest route to try LEDs, and if the light doesn't cut it i have one sweet enclosure to install my own LEDs into.


I really like it so far, it really makes the color pop. And there is still the awesome shimmer of MH, but very little heat. I mounted the light a lot higher than i had the 70w MH and will slowely lower it until I find the perfect height.

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