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After 3 weeks of madness trying to put this thing together, It's finally in the house with sand and about 35 gallons of water in it. (rock2) (waiting on the RODI to make the rest). I wish it was as easy as the show Tanked makes it look.

For those that don't already know, this will be a fowlr tank.


Tank is a 90 AGA with internal overflow, Tru Vu Wet dry modified into a berlin style sump with filter sock and small refugium area, Reef octopus Extreme XS 160 Skimmer, and an Iwaki MD-20RXT external return pump. Lighting will be 2 x 54 watt HO t5s.


Water tested for leaks this afternoon. System seems to run smoothly.


I really want to say thanks to a few of you. Newfisher, Algae, H2odvl, Eugenereef, and Garrett. Your help is very much appreciated.


Heres a pic of it during the test run. Not much to look at, but she'll be full of rock and running by tomorrow night.





Oh yeah. Hey Upinder. That WAS my last to the hardware store!(laugh)

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Looking good Bobby!!! I can't wait to get my 90 up and running. So what ever happened to your other tank?


I got rid of it shortly after I tore my rotator cuff in 2 spots June of last year. Taking care of a reef with my dominant hand/arm screwed up was more than I wanted to deal with.

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So clean looking! Going to be a killer setup!


...Sure would look good as a reef ;)


Stop it!!! Hard enough to stick to the fish only plan after seeing the corals you had Friday night.



Thanks for the kind words all. I'm really exited to see it stocked.

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So what fish do you plan on having?


A Harlequin tusk and a Niger trigger are going to be the first to go in. Garrett is fish-sitting them until the tank cycles (Thanks Garrett!) Wife wants a Blueface angel, but based on adult size I'm trying to steer her towards a regal instead. Also plan on a Porcupine puffer and some sort of tang. That's pretty much it.

I love lionfish, but don't want anything that has the potential to send me to the emergency room in my tank. I would also like to have a clown trigger, but the reputation for being mean as hell has made me decide not to keep one.


Oh yeah, it's full and running as I type (clap) Big thanks to Clay for the very nice liverock he sold me today!

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I went to Garrett's and picked up my harlequin tusk and niger trigger yesterday. Skimmer is running now and everything looks good so far. Here's a couple of pics. Haven't been able to get one of the niger yet (he's being shy).


Next will be some sort of tang, and a puffer (still trying to figure out what types) and an angel-either a regal or a blueface. And yes, I will be waiting at least 3-4 weeks between new additions;)





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Thanks. I'm pretty pleased with it. That's quite a compliment John, considering a lot of the ideas and inspiration for this tank came from looking at your 90 FOWLR. I will get some better pics and post them today. Still having some issues with microbubbles, but I'll get it hammered out.

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