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Pex's li'l 120 gallon slice-o-heaven...


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Hiya all! New guy to the forum here and freshly moved back to the PNW... sooooo glad about that!


Anyway, here's my 120 that I'm cycling right now.


The infos:

120 gallon AGA with the pine stand, no canopy

2 x 150 watt MH Catalina fixture

40 gallon AGA breeder for a sump/fuge

500 watt True Temp.Titanium heater with controller

Reef Octopus 8 250 gallon Pinwheel Skimmer that won't fit under my stand into my sump! DOH! I have to modify the stand... (plotting)

Quiet One return (~1200 gph- can't remember the model number)

2 Koralia Magnums with Wavemaker 4 Controller (Next paycheck. Anyone selling?)

Haven't decided on the RODI yet, but that will be nxt paycheck too. Anyone selling?

~80 lbs Pukani LR

~3 inches white oolitic sand

Homemade 1.25" Durso overflows (dead silent by the way. I'm very pleased, Mr. Durso!)


And the pics...

The original LR layout. About 60 lbs of Pukani. The arch piece across the top is from the 600 gallon DT at YourReef's store (some of you met John, the owner, at SeaMax the other weekend.) I used to live about a mile from YourReef and worked right across the street. The rest of the rock was also from YourReef- he gave me a hell of a deal. The BIG piece on the left is about 23 lbs and he sold it to me, fully cured, for about 3 bucks a pound. I'm really big on Pukani because of how well it locks together to allow REALLY stable but "impossible looking" connections between rocks that visually flow together well. Even in person, it's very difficult, even for me, to notice where one rock ends and the next one begins. BTW, the whole tank is only 4 individual pieces of LR.




Here's the final configuration. The middle piece was moved slightly to the right to create more of a channel/tunnel that's very similar to a dive I did at "The Crevice" in Guam. The second pic down shows this better.




Here I am, "filling up both tanks..."



So anyway, I'm about a week and a half into the cycle. I seeded the tank with a cantaloupe sized piece of LR I kept in heated SW for the last 6 months from my last tank and it still has bacteria and coralline (the mixed blessing). My ammonia is about .5 and still climbing. I started getting my first algae and diatoms about 3 days ago, so it's looking like everything is going as it should.


Love to hear any constructive criticism! And I'd love to hear someone close has a stand that my sump and skimmer will fit under for sale/trade!!!!(clap)





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Hi bs, I haven't gone diving up here, only in Guam (in the tropics and what actually got me into tanking), California lakes and the Persian Gulf. I don't do cold water too well, but I might dive here if I mended up meeting a diving buddy.

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Thanks for the feedback and info, guys! I appreciate it and love just how much info everyone shares in this hobby. Part of our immediate family and us own racecars (we race up at South Sound Speedway) and I just hate how secretive and vindictive some people can be in that hobby, but the tanking community is so much more sharing and friendly...


Just a small update: Diatoms and a type of GHA have started the whole algal succession cycle- glad to see things getting going!


Funny thing though. I seeded with a canteloupe sized piece of LR that I've kept in heated SW for 9 months from my last tank. My ammonia won't go over. 25 though, and I started the cycle with some deli shrimp and last week even added some fish meat (about a damsel's worth). However, in the last two days, my trites have gone from 0 to .25, so I'm assuming that the seeding win the old LR is keeping the ammonia levels down instead of getting a hard spike, yes? I ask because I really didn't expect that much bacteria to survive in the old LR for so long with no food sources. Also- my trates are still at 0, which I expect at this point.


And lastly, does anyone in the Longview/Kelso area have any chaeto that they will be harvesting soon? I'd love to buy a bag from ya!



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