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YOUR REEF Group Buy... Interested?

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People of PNWMAS,


Just a feeler thread to see if there's interest in a group buy from yourreef.com

They are good people. Of all the vendors at seamax that I saw, I know that BY CHOICE John had purposefully displayed his corals under regular lighting, not all those fancy, newfangled-blue actinics(laugh) sadly, only a few other vendors did this (just my opinion). Your get the idea, they are a high quality buisness. they had good prices too.

I know that we will get free shipping for sure, but i am also positive we could get discounted prices as well.


Browse their website, see if you have interest, and then tell me in a post or a pm. then I can go ahead and SETUP the group buy.




Oh yes, the best part is that they will make a VERY sizable donation the the Lakeridge High School TFT program with this group buy




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I just moved back up to PNW from Sacramento and YourReef was my LFS in Roseville. John is GREAT, and if Brandon is still working there, he's a pretty good guy too. Always a good deal to be had from there!


Not only do they display all their stuff under regular lighting, but everything they have in the store will grow just fine under 150 watt MHs (that's coming from John), so no need to upgrade to strong lighting, either.


I hand picked my Pukani LR from their curing tank and have one piece that's almost the size of a beach ball and weighs only about 20 lbs, and have an arched piece that came directly out of their 600 gallon DT in the store.


I highly recommend YourReef and miss having that store around!

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