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LED lighting recommendation


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I'm interested getting LED lighting set up for 280g, which will be mixed SPS and LPS. Does anyone have much LED light experience and recommendation for which vendor?


Acanlighting in NY

Aquariumillumination (AI)


I met Acanlighting president at SeaMax, claiming his product is top of the line. But it's very expensive too.




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If you are interested in building a DIY fixture eugenereef has had great growth with his 90 gallon fixture and he has a bunch of sps and something he has noticed and pointed out to me is that the growth pattern is very different than MH instead of branching and then growing straight up reaching for the lights the corals branch and grow out which is due too the great light mixture and penetration also the DIY route is much cheeped as I would have to buy at least a couple $300-$350 fixtures for a 40B its cost me less than 400 for all of the stuff for my DIY I will be starting on soon

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Well I have decided to go AI. I thought about a DIY, but never ended up liking the way they looked when they were done. If I had a hood I would go DIY for sure. I run open top though so I want it to look nice. I do think the acan is a nice fixture, but with AI being modular and there customer service, and just reading hobbyist reviews all over the Internet, comparing so many different fixtures I'm going AI. Are there nicer looking fixtures out there? Yes of course, but AI just seems like the best fixture for me. Although I have also heard that if money is no object, go Vertex all the way. They are just a lot more expensive. AI also has a longer warranty than acan if that helps you at all.

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