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Rubicon; anyone going in September?


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It is a work day to clean up the 4X4 trails. Then everyone gets together to camp and eat good food. I have never been. My buddies and I plan to run the Rubicon next year. Pending the status of my roll cage and redoing the tranny in my tow rig. But there are also plans of just building a full tube buggy and selling the 4runner.

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Ahhh gotcha thanks. It sounds like fun. (clap) Loved the camo ad at the top of the link Jon! rofl. It seems though the camo wear is not that practical(scratch) as there seems to be more skin than clothing showing.(laugh)


EXACTLY!! (clap)










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Nice rig Newfisher!!! Mine is not nice by any means. But the running gear and chassis is golden. Built 22re, 37 inch iroks, twin cases(4.7-1), spool rear, detroit front, 5.10s front and rear. Plus all the other boring stuff like longer springs and gusset/trussing everything. We take it to southern oregon coast sometimes. Maybe we can wheel.

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I will do that. Have a fun and safe trip... I will be expecting some pictures...


Here's a few:


Loaded up for 3 people for 4 days



Letting 20 new 2012 Rubicon Jeeps pass full of folks from Columbia flown in for the weekend.



Taking a break, looking for the hidden stone cabin



found it




Scenery is GREAT and tough to mess up a cell phone photo







It's not all open all of the time



A nearly stock T100 and the owner who was living on borrowed time fighting cancer, was pushing it through slowly but eventually made it. We caught up to him a few times while running back and forth through the trail. It was something he had only ever dreamed of doing and the smile on his face was as wide as his bumper!


A liitle off-camber wooded section just past the T100



Had a great trip and looking forward to going back with my wife next year!

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