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Grand Opening!!! BBQ, SPECIALS, and Handshakes!

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Well Folks, the Grand Opening is here!



Come by from 12-6pm Friday or Saturday for a bite to eat and check out the new shop!


5054 Commercial St SE

Salem, OR 97306





Mention you saw the SPECIALS posted on PNWMAS and get:


20% off on all in stock Inverts. Need to amp up the cleanup crew? Now is a great time to do so!


Spend $50 and get a FREE Filter Sock



Spend $100+ and get a FREE $10 Clean Up CREW and a Filter Sock




There are tons of small misc corals that need new homes. I will be selling them for between $1-$10 with many $1-$5 items available. Mushrooms, Polyps, Star Polyps, etc. Great way to add some coral diversity for cheap!! Helps me get the tanks ceaned up and ready for new corals!





Come by and check it out!!!

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Thanks Roger for swinging by!


Yah, the tanks are cram packed with inverts that can be hard to spot at times.



Come by for some BBQ and check out the new shop. The tanks have all sorts of things hiding in them though admittedly they look sort of low on fish. I just have so much more room to fill!


More stuff in next week!!

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My Clown Tang looks great!!


Garrett you have a PM.


Great pictures Jake and that is a very nice looking Clown Tang Michael!


Thanks again Garrett! Was nice seeing the new shop and getting some inverts. The yellow wrasse is doing great. Already out and swimming around.

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Thanks to everyone who made this opening a great success! I had an awesome time and it was good to see everyone. Very nice pics Jacob!! Thanks for taking them! I have a nice sized order that should be coming later this next week so I will keep you all updated as the new stock comes in :)


Glad to hear that the Yellow Wrasses are doing real well!



Awesome stuff!!

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