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Stands and 90 gallon Tank

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75 or 90 Gallon stand 40$bbb06403.jpg20 tall stand 20$ee604d9a.jpg20 long stand 20$4ea3485f.jpg90 gallon established Reef set up, Not all the rock is going But is all up and running and ready to go! 2 250 metal halides and 4 VHOs,nice return pump and the skimmer does not come with it, but the auto top off does, Dual overflows 4 bubble tip anemones, 2 whimplefish, 1 tomato clown, 1 carpet anemone, xenia, colt coral, tons of mushrooms of all types, green rhodactis, ridcordea, blue ones, red ones, some other green ones, green manderin, butterfly fish, 4 pajama cardinals and tons of cleaner crew all for $1000.00 8aafe66e.jpg70a23f09.jpg

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