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Shutting down 75/90 gallon tank & live rock for sale. $450 for all.


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I have been keeping this tank alive for the last 4 years with the intent of getting back in the hobby. Unfortunately, where I live now the power will go out for a couple of weeks at a time, I go through 2 sets of RO/DI filters a year (terrible well water) and I do not have the time to maintain.

This tank was sold to me as a 90 gallon tank. However, the measurements suggest a 75 gallon tank. The tank is drilled with a 2" overflow. It has a glass 29 gallon sump. It includes the light hood with 2 spider light reflectors with 2 - 250W halides, 2-VHO Actinic and the stand. It also includes the protein skimmer, D & D "Beast". The stand needs some work from some water damage (cosmetic) and one of the Icecap ballasts is not working, about $65 to repair the ballast.

There is about 150 lbs (more like 200+ lbs) of live rock and 100 lbs of live sand. As you can see from the photos, maintenance is needed. However, the rock has a lot of sponges and tube worms. I am about 15 minutes from Salem and 20 minutes from Corvallis.

This is a complete unit.

I am including 2 UV sterilizers (need new bulbs) and all of my miscellaneous reef equipment, pumps, spare bulbs (used), etc.






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Skimmer specs


The skimmer that comes with the tank is a D & D Marine Aquatics Venturi "Beast". It was purchased in 2002 and I used it on my 240 with no problem. D & D claims that it is good for 300 gallons, 200 gallon reef. I currently do not have a pump for the skimmer. It has been repaired but is water tight and fully functional. It has no collection cup but drains into another container such as a milk jug.


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