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Marineland Visa-therm heaters


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If anyone is looking to buy a heater I wouldnt go with one of these. I've had 2 fail completely and I have another thats on its way out. One was only a month old and the others are about 2 months old. I even had one that I stuck into a brand new 35 gal tote of RO water shed its paint off and into the tote the second I put the it in the water. It looked like I had a bunch of metal flake floating around in the water. Even though they carry a life-time gaurentee I wont ever buy one again.


I will say the sponsor I bought these from was really good about giving me credit for the first one. I'm gonna let him know today about the second.

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thats good they are helping you...I know a lot of manufactuers now-a-days are wanting to deal with warranty issues themselves...it can be risky for a LFS to take that burden on themselves not knowing if they will be compensated....kudos to whomever it is. Going titanium?


PS is that a real pic in your avatar? thats cool!

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The heaters are actually for my rock barrels that I am cycling my rock in so I just replaced it with glass. Once I set-up the 180 i'm gonna get a 500w titanium heater.



I'm not sure if the pic is real or not. Most likely a photochop, but I think its pretty funny too!

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Not sure if they sell 500w ones but you could go with 2- 300w'ers for redundancy.


Hmmm and what maybe use a controller for them? I tried using 2 on my 120 but could'nt get them both to work equally. One always triggered before the other.


Were you using glass or Stealth? My glass Visa-Therms have lasted. Some for over 3 years.


Both have been the glass model, which is funny because the sponsor told me that he has had way more returns on the stealth than the glass models. Maybe a bad batch? Guess it could be my bad luck when I told my brother when his heater went out that I never had a heater go out...now I've had two...guess I forgot to knock on wood!?

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