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replaced clowns


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So Barelycuda was nice enough to meet my hubby half way between his house and mine, while he was on a trip with his family to help me replace one of my new picasso clown that jumped out a week ago..


with the picasso he also sent over a baby false percula that I believe hatched about a month ago.. Thoough I know this is not a normal habbit with such small baby clowns... He is now in my grow out tank with my "single child tomato clown" that is only a bit older than him. the tomato clown chased him around the tank a bit last night, but now they are buddies, and snuggle swimming in my tank.. Ii hope one day they may mate, and have some interesting baby's only time will tell..


I just want to thank barelycuda, and share some pictures[ATTACH]10834[/ATTACH][ATTACH]10835[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]10833[/ATTACH] Oh and the picasso's are already in a RBTA.. the replaced one is the back one




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Ya I think maybe lighting really helps... I have clowns under t5 that are ok, but my metal halide clowns are the best coloring.. All my tanks get the same food... all fed together..


So the clowns are very happy... The picasso's get along great will all the fiish.. They have become great friends with my tang and especialy my midnight angel... and they swim around alot... I know normally my clowns dont go far from their anemone they house in.. but these seem to swim with my tang and angel.. then go back to the anemone at night....


The false percula baby... sperates from my baby tomato at night, they have two filters in the tank.. a small air ran skimmer and a power head sponge filter... my tomato clown has always loves the rio power head, and has made that is special sleep place and the false percula you gave me seems to like sleeping behind the skimmer.. but when the lights are on they are buddies everywhere in the tank....


very happy

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