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Round two of the great getting out of reefing coral sale.


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A bunch are gone. New corals included in these pics. Everything is now 30%.(rock2) And if you buy more than 3 you get 40% off.


1. Miami Hurricane chalice from Mytshall. 2 eyes with the third showing. $80




2. Single Red/Pink/Orange Yumas (I've always called them red but everyone seems to view them differently. $10 each (One Sold to CCR, 2 Sold to mytshall)

3. Yellow Yuma $20




4. SPS: I've always called this a tri-color Nana. who knows if I'm right... Anyway, it forms a tabletop. $10 SOLD




5. Acan Lord: $45




6. Acan Lord: $45 Sold to CCR





7. Frank's Titty-twister Chalice. looks more like the parent in better light. 5 eyes: $15 sold to mytshall



8. My parent colony of Frank's TTC, you count the eyes! $75:




9. This was a nice orange chalice that I got from Westside Aq. I paid $50. It grew, then lost some tissue and is now healthy again and about the size I got it at. So what? The price... $25




10. Chalice: $25




11. Purple Chalice with Red eyes: $25

Armagedon Zoa? AOG? I don't know... $5



12. Meteor Shower: $10 Sold to CCR




13. This Meteor Shower on a 3" clam shell: $50




14. Two War corals this size (20 eyes) $20 each. One Sold to CCR, one left




15. The rock with 11 Yumas, (one 2+, 4 about 1 inch, and the rest babies) plus the 8 purple tonga mushrooms on a 10 lb piece of live rock... $80. stolen by mytshall




Here's another chalice. This picture is of a 2 inch frag which is not for sale. The whole parent which is around 5-6 inches for $30:




Yellow scroll coral, 3-4 inch, $20

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OK, every couple of days I'm gonna bump this thread and knock 10% off everything. I won't change the price above but will show the current % off at the top of the thread and also in the bump. Pull the trigger before it's low enough that someone else does!


It starts now. 10% off listed price.




ps. Someone can cut and paste my prices so no one things I'm raising them as I raise the %!!! (whistle)

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Yep Randy, Got my first shipment in from Central Ohio Discus. 3 to 3 1/2 inch Pigeon Checkerboards by Jeffery Yang. I got in too many so if you want any for $30 each, I'll let go of some. Otherwise I'll grow them out at sell them at 5". I also got in 6 Briliant Turks but those cost a bit more. They are closer to 4".



Dalbery: Sure, I'll Ship. I've got heat packs and all. (Not shipping Discus yet. Gotta buy an O2 tank.)

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