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Chalices for trade


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I know some of you out the are big chalice fans. Me? Not so much. I prefer milleporas, acros and encrusting monti's. That being sad I have a few nice chalices I would like to trade. I don't want a million dollars for them, although that would be nice, I would just like a fair and reasonable trade. They just recently moved into my new tank so they haven't totally colored up and my iPhone camera doesn't really do them justice but Here they are as best as I know them:


Oregon Mummy Eye with at least 4 or 5 eyes about 1.5" x 1" ( I got it as such but I can't track lineage)




Looks like pumpkin patch but unknown with 8 eyes about 3" x 3"



Here are some thing I would like to add to my tank:


Blue millepora

Hawkins blue echinata

Phils granulosa

Black magic millepora

Roscoes blue

Rainbow millepora

Water Mellon millepora


Let me know if your interested.

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I have a nice Rainbow tort. It is pretty big and I could frag some for a trade. Let me know.

I like the P. Patch or the last one :)


The pumpkin patch is pretty big is like 3" x 3" an the last one is like

1.5" x 1" it has a neon green eye though. I am interested. Do you have a pic?

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Here are some thing I would like to add to my tank:


Black magic millepora


I have searched for this Millepora, as I just got a frag of it from Idaho-Tank I haven't been able to find anything like it, If you really want a frag of it, I would shoot him a PM you just missed him last weekend he came through.


I totally agree with you, Chalices don't do a whole lot for me, but I am all sprung on the Millepora...Great looking chalices though, and good luck finding those awsome Milleporas...


One you might want to consider adding to your list, I know its on mine...is the Diablo Millepora....:eek:(scary)(rock2)(naughty)(nutty)


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