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Ideas for sand sifters


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I have a nice 2 inch sand bend in the 75 - looking for sand sifters. I really like the strange and unusual creatures - so bonus points for references to those. (laugh) I currently have a couple nasarius and a conch - love the conch and his cute little eyeballs and "elephant" trunk. I have 2 olive snails in my 36 and will be getting more of those for the 75.


I have heard: diamond goby is a great sand sifter, but will this interfere w/ a potential future yasha/shrimp pair? I already have a neon goby that will be going into the tank this weekend. - comments please.


horse shoe crabs don't live very long - why?


Would love to hear about more creatures - oddball or not - you use to keep the sand clean!


Also - what CUC members do you put in the sump for the detritus build up?

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imho the engineer gobies can be mighty destructive and will topple rockwork. Depending on the size of the horseshoe they can knock over corals and such. The sandsifting stars aren't bad but they have a habit of sifting the sand so clean there is nothing left. If it were my tank I would lean towards a diamond goby. They are less destructive and have a good survival rate.

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