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Lighting schedule


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depending on what kind of corals you are keeping you might want to increase the halides up an hour or two over the next few weeks and reduce the T5s to 10 hours a day. if you have SPS than i would definitely recommend this but if you have softies than you probably are ok with the schedule you have going. let us know what kind of corals you have or want to keep and we can give you better advice.


just note if you increase your halides you might get an algae bloom.

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algae blooms can also occur due to poor lighting as well like underpowered, bad ballast or old bulbs. running t5's at 12 hours a day will reduce the life of the bulb by about 30% you'll probably end up replacing them at 6-8mths on that schedule. the halides are good at that timeframe for near 10-12 months but you really have to test par values to get accurate timeframes and effectiveness of the bulb.

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You can cut 2 hours without hurting anything.


FWIW, I run my T5's for about 10 hours and my MH for 5 hours.


Pay attention to what your corals do at the end of the lighting cycle. When they have enough light some of them will begin to close back up. Anemone's for instance.

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