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Grab bag of plumbing parts & some other things...

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alright so as I have been going through an upgrade of tanks digging through boxes of accumulated items, I came across some plumbing parts that are to old to return...so they are up for sale...


First the grab bag...its about $85 worth of stuff most stuff is 3/4" - 1" ...I am just lumping these together because there is just to much to list individually...so for someone building a tank this is a great place to start... I'd like to get $45 for all of it...



A 1 1/2" Gate Valve threaded...it was used, but still works like a champ... $15



A brand new 1 3/4" slip ball valve union... $15



2 1/4" threaded "jet" bulkhead (sorry dont know the tech. name)...brand new $10...




Let me know if you have any Q's

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You can try taking all that stuff back to Home Depot. Without a receipt they won't give you cash back' date=' but they will probably give you store credit for it. I've done it with left over stuff from 8 months ago, no problem.[/quote']


I guess I could just try it and see what happens...I called and asked and they said they could give me a penny each, but I guess it might not hurt to try...Thanks for letting me know they do that...

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