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Newest addition-Montipora Digitata


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Well I had no intention of really adding any SPS to my tank except a select few that where on my wish list, but for some reason this little charlie brown frag spoke to me...It is pretty bleached out, but something said "Please take me home and give me a shot"....so I did....:D


I read this thread about how this one guy purposely looks for almost dead corals and buys them to see if he can turn them around, which I thought was pretty cool, to see the before and after pics of how they turned out, I am really looking forward to watching this one color up, that is if I don't kill it. Its supposed to be a Purple Montipora Digitata, but its only coloration is pretty much at the tips and they are blueish purple....so..we will see.


This is my first Montipora Digitata and I don't know why, but I am kinda excited about it...lol I don't know what my chances are that it will turn around, as it seems really bleached, anyone have experience turning around really bleached out Montipora Digitata? I've heard they are pretty hardy, you think this lil Charlie Brown Digitata can make it?



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I got some brown ones too, with one I was lucky and now it's pretty.

I would move the digi a few inches far away from the bn, from the picture they seem to be 2-3 inches apart. The bn will probably grow 3 inches around in a year or so.

Sps are fun and they will pay back your efforts. The most exciting part is seeing them grow, looking at the tips chasing each others, watching a brownish frag to color up and became a colony :)

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