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Very nice skimmer i like the design' date=' for that price i would go with the Super Reef Octo xp5000 ext.[/quote']


Naahhhh I will keep my $130 extra to buy a coral with.


The big 250 is only gonna be $530 the Octo 5000 is $650++!!! These skimmers are coming in amazingly cheap for what they are. I find ATI's ratings for their skimmers to be a little more accurate.


Dont get me wrong those octos are nice but this Grindwheel is gonna smoke!!

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Not sure if you can really call that a needle wheel. It looks like it will kick off a ton of bubbles. I need to modify my skimmer still to do that as well. Looks like a nice unit.


Never mind my first comment. I thought it said needle not Grid....LOL


Yeah I was gonna say thats a little tough to make your skimmer do that :)

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Looks like a great unit. The new impeller should catch up what the pump is not able to do.

My only concern is the maintenance. That impeller looks like it needs to be cleaned often.


I was kinda thinking the same thing Alex. I wonder if it would get clogged, not sure really. I guess we will see. There is no reports of it from people that are using them.

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