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new fish to the collection


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I got a new fish today. Id been looking for a tang for my 39 gallon bow front.. So I asked and did my research... I found a few of these tangs I wanted but they didn't have them very long or they had their fins nipped.. I always like to see my fish behavior and if they eat... but finally today I found my yellow eyed tang at aqua serine.. thirty bucks not bad.. They have had him for two weeks. And he was eating in the tank...


I took him home.. half an hour later he went into my tank... he ate thirty seconds into my tank... and hasn't stopped since... very active... I named him too. (yellow eyes.) It likes to stare at me under his new favorite rock... so all I see is an eye ball... i tried to get a pick but my angel got in the way every time...


His tank mates are a midnight angel. a yellow watchman goby, and a candy cane pistol shrimp. Also he has a purple urchin, and some red and blue legged hermit crabs, and some snails. eventually my baby Australian tomato clown. my favorite of the babys (shadow) when he is big enough will be my final add on into the tank.

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