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Sump ideas?


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I'm looking for ideas how to set up a more usable, easier accessible and cleanable sump for my 120G tank.


Are there any plans for two connected sumps (one for the skimmer, and the second for the return pump and a refugium), that someone could point me to?


I was hoping to set it up so the sumps could be moved in without having to take the middle brace out of the front of the stand.


While I'm at it, I'll probably redo the plumbing and just generally redo the 120G. It's been set up for a few years, and things are not as good as they used to be. The summer away has not helped and I'm dealing with algae and aptaisia and lots of soft corals overgrowing the sps.

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On my 125g I had a 40g breeder that had been reworked to be a sump on the right side with the drains and the skimmer. The first section was baffled to create a consistent height for the skimmer pump. On the left side I had a 20g long for the fuge and the return pump. Thet were tied together with a single bulkhead with a short spacer between the tanks. (About 3/4" between them) The 20g was placed on top of 2x2's to get it a bit higher. Note: If I do another one like this I will either make both tanks acrylic or I'll use uniseal bulkheads between them so there is a bit of flexibility. At some point the 20g cracked next to the bulkhead from the stress. It never leaked but nevertheless the crack was there. If you did 2 smaller tanks then you could use flexible spa tubing between them. These two didn't have enough room to do that though.




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