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Tubbs Blue Zoanthid Coloration?


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So I see all these pics of what people call "Tubbs" Blue Zoanthids, and I have purchased several from various places, but mine never get that intense blue coloration, so I am curious how do you get them to color up? I have tried moving them around to provide more light, less light, but they never show that awsome blue coloration at all, The best luck I have had is putting them in a shady area and they sort of start turning a slight blue color, but NOWHERE near what I see others online look like.


I am curious how people get thier Tubbs Blue Zoanthids to be that intense vibrant blue coloration? They are the only zoanthids I have been very dissapointed with coloration wise, I have 3 totally different frags from 3 totally different people and all 3 are in different locations, getting different amounts of light and for the life of me I can't get that awesome blue color out of them...what I am doing wrong?

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I agree with Miles. That is the downfall of corals is the name game. Anyone can throw a name on a coral and sell it for top dollar even though its not the right piece.


Its tough sometimes. Post on the forums a pic if ya ever have questions and Im sure one of us can figure it out :)

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OK....so here is the first "tubbs" blue we got (disreguard the pink birdsnest)....this is the bluest these zoanthids have ever been, I have never been able to get them to look like this while in my care, this pic was right after we got them...but they shortly faded and I have never been able to get the color back....(scratch)(sad)




What they look like now and have looked like since...Along with the other "tubbs" blues we got from somewhere else.....neither one has ever been blue in my tank...(scratch)(sad)





This pic makes them look MUCH more blue than in person...still not that intense blue I see posted elsewhere....


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Tubbs are far from being the blue'est.....Sapphire's are way more blue with nice green skirt, CCA Blue Angels are much deeper blue with alternating green and black (yes black) skirt.....sadly I just sold mine....and there are several others. Tubbs just carry a recognized name and overrated price. IMO

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