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Feeding Torch Coral


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Im a big fan of feeding LPS's, but I have never been able to get my torch coral to feed on anything, I have tried several times, and just gave up...Its been doing great despite not directly target feeding it.


Things like my Candy Canes, Plate Corals, Lobo, ect. that have those little feeding tenticles that come out at night time, those take food very well, but My Hammer Coral, FrogSpawn and Torch I have never really been able to target feed like other LPS's....so I don't feed those.

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Can i try it by just dropping some shrimp in one of the mouths? Do i need tweezers to do so?


This is just my humble opinion/suggestion (from a newb by the way...lol(naughty))


If you have any flow at all, the food will just drift or blow right off, You would have to shut down all your pumps, filters, ect. and then probably place a bit of mysis or something near the center of the mouth?...(scratch) once you do that, you'll have to watch out for any shrimp, Wrasses, fish ect....if they are anything like the ones I have they will zero in on the food and snatch it...so either do it after lights out or be prepaired to keep your arm in the tank defending and gaurding your torch.


I have never even seen mine or any torch feed before, so I really actually have no idea how they would feed, but that is what I tried...and it didn't work....but good luck.

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