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Water Changes looking for in put....


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After much thought, I have decided to change the way I do water changes. Here is the idea, (I was planning to do this slowly).

I have two (55) gallon barrels filled with water, (one with fresh and one with salt water). Then, with the APEX, using the AquaBus conductivity module and running the conductivity probe in the sump, I would do (3) gallons of water every other day, (so 30 gallons a week). Then use a Dosing pump Pulsafeeder Chem-Tech 100. The plan is to have both barrels in the basement and as such I would want to make sure I have plenty of lift. It would refill the water in the sump and the conductivity probe will insure the salinity will stay consistent during the process. I plan to only use one dosing pump with solenoids, (one solenoid on the fresh side and one on the salt side). I would still need a dosing pump to remove the water from the sump but this wouldn’t need to lift the water just drain it. What pump would be good for this?

Anyone have any thoughts they want to share on this? Also…what issues/concerns do you think I would run into?

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I thought about something like this. The problem is the probe. Like the orp, the conductivity is not reliable and from other people feedbacks shows a "relative" reading and needs to be calibrated often.

Salinity stay pretty much stable.

You can go with some peristaltic pumps that accepts 2 heads, like the Masterfex that Impur is using. If you use 2 different pumps, they will never pump the same amount in and out. Actually even a perfectly calibrated Masterflex will pump differently.

I'm planning to to a continuous water change too. I'm gonna go with this unit: http://www.genesisreefsystems.com/proddetail.php?prod=01-000155-01

A few sensors will ensure that you change the right amount each cycle. It uses common pumps, which is a plus. They also sell an ATO unit that can communicate with the water change module so the process will take care of a constant salinity too.

$400 for the water change seems a lot. But it is turnkey.

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Apologies for thread hijack


I'd like to schedule her for Friday mornings. Also is she limited to water changes or will she also scrape coralline also?


(laugh)(laugh)The Beth 1.0 model did not scrape corraline but the upgraded 2.1 model does and even does an awesome job on the acrylic. Has a knack for using the razor blade(scary) and scratching it off without damaging the acrylic! Now that's an upgrade!(clap)


Apologies Frank for the thread hijack!(shy)



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I'm sure Frank is seriously thinking about getting a Beth 2.1 :)


Yeah Frank maybe we can work out a trade or something!(laugh) Besides I don't feel that bad for you Frank when the referees keep handing your Steelers victories(whistle) Must be nice to have the refs on your side!:p


wow i want one' date=' but i think i will wait for the 3.0 model, im sure there will be some bugs to work out :)[/quote']


I'm hoping the Beth 3.0 will no longer have the aversion of putting dishes in the dishwasher!(whistle)(laugh)

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Hmmm I am not sure I like where this conversation is going....


Beth 3.0 won't be out for a long time! Release date has been moved back to the year 2020, may even be moved back to 2030 at the rate its going right now! LOL


From the sounds of it you just might have enough maintence accounts here to get some more tanks...


You really should think about it.............(whistle)

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