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know anything about tv's???


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if it is a rear projection type (new model of DLP or LCD , 15 inches deep, not old school monster) you may want to look for dust build up.

I had mine do something similar I thought the main buld went out.

I laid it on its face removed the back case and blew all the dust out and all is good.

I have a Samsung DLP 65" 1080P the kind that's about 15" deep.


I googled your set and it may be simialr-just a thought-dust does nasty stuff, I had a 6.1 reciever have a few channels go out due to dust-popped the case and blew it clean-all the channels came back


My house maufactures dust if you cant tell.


Good luck--


If you have not already google the issue and see what you find-I am sure its happened to others

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Brad, I wish you wouldn't have said that. My HD receiver went out on mine 3 years ago. I have a dedicated HTPC for it though with 5 tuners in it so it hasn't been an issue but I would still like to have it working. Now I'm gonna have to lift it down (or rather I'll need to get my brother to come help) so I can open it up and try that.

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When the lights are flashing like that it means the bulb and or other components related to the images being sent to the bulb are overheated and having trouble keeping up. Brads right, this can be caused from dust buildup sometimes sadly, mine was not...(is what I was told)



Here's a little back log on what happened to me:


My tv at the time was a 57" Toshiba DLP-HDTV. I had this happen but my picture locked up as well before it. The sound would still work as if the game was still going but picture was locked. I let it cool and played again later and it kept doing it. Took me a few more times and then I blew the bulb. My TV guy looked at it and said that their was insufficient cooling built into it and that the color processor(I think that's what he called it) was going out because of it. That part is almost as much to replace as the tv would be to replace. Short of having another one come in with another problem and take it from there, it was better to just get a new tv. His other suggestion was to add some extra cooling fans in the rear to shuttle some of the hot air out. Not a permanent 100% fix but could have worked for a long time...


To give you the end result, I have it still sitting at my tv guys place patiently waiting for another Toshiba DLP to roll through and be declared dead so it can be harvested for the internals. Until then I bought Franks 62" Mitsubishi to fill the gap when he went up to some crazy 73" or something...lol:eek:

The GF is crying about getting LCD's for the walls to replace this one and the boat anchor 32" flatscreen tube(oh my god this thing is like a small car) so I might have one for sale(naughty).


I realize this may not be the info you wanted but it's better you know now then possibly blow everything out and be stuck like I was. Hope yours isn't the same problem...:D

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