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Beware of Jellyfish


Been to Cabo. The snorkeling to be honest is so so. Nothing like Hawaii but then everything was so much cheaper so how can you complain?The boat ride was a blast and the view was awesome! (clap)I can't remember the name of the company we used but they all pretty much will take you to the same area. Beth got stung by a jellyfish as did half the group. I don't know how I got so lucky and missed them. They used wd40 on the stings which I had never heard of but it seemed to work (scratch)or it could be that we were on the booze cruise and she had lots of alcohol on the way back!(laugh)(laugh)

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skip cabo unless you are into tourist stuff. Go a little bit south to Paya Del Carmen (not sure how its spelled.) or a little further to one of the smaller towns. Avoid the area's with large resorts and the snorkeling will be a lot better, as will your vacation. I have been to many small coastal towns further south and it's a much better experience.

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I went diving in cabo and it was ok. Not hawaii but not as expensive either. We went fishing and I caught a 145 lb blue marlin. That was a fight. We also went snorkeling at lands end I think they called it. We went in the early spring so the water was still a little cold. Fall is a much better time to go if you like to be in the water.

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