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The Clam's breeding project


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As many of you probably know, Tridacna Clams are one of my favorite tank inhabitants. At now in my tanks there are 2 Croceas, 3 Maximas and one Giga (Reefit's Giga).

When the last one, the 20something inches Giga, spawned a few days ago (http://www.pnwmas.org/forums/showthread.php?t=21743), some crazy thoughts started building up in my mind: I wanted to try to breed clams.

Mostly because it is almost impossible in a tank (rock2)


While I was thinking about that, Roy (stylaster) told me about his past experience in breeding giant clams, and the experiments he did back in the days (early '90).

After a few pm's we decided to try this crazy experiment together.

So we started collecting links, contacts and put together some sort of breeding plan.


We are starting this thread to collect all the informations and results. We would also like you guys to be involved and be part of this thread. Hopefully it will be a way to enrich our personal knowledge.


At this stage, we are trying to find the appropriate broodstock. Roy had some great results in the past with Maximas, so we are looking for them. It is a manner of size and cost. We are trying to get some cheap brown ones, due to the fact that clams aren't producing zooxanthellae for the baby clams. So at the end we will have to find a nice colored donor clam to "paint" the newborns.


You are free to give suggestions, share links, tell us your experience.

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Thanks Alex for the great intro. Currently we are looking for broodstock. If you have or know someone who has maxima clams greater then 6" in size please let us know. As some of you may or may not know all clams are hermaphrodites, first males then as they get older they become female and male. We are going on the assumption that the bigger the clam the older it is to hopefully get sexually mature clams. We are looking to get atleast 4 clams, then the fun begins :)

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Some readings


General infos about giant clams and reproduction:



Clam farming info from Gerald Heslinga, first successful giant clam farming in Palau. Video:



Spawning and Early Larval Rearing of Giant Clams, by Simon Ellis, Center for Tropical and Subtropical Aquaculture Publication Number No. 130


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my best guess is to try and raise it as you would a phytoplanton culture. Setup some 2 liter pop bottles cut off their bottoms, invert and fill with fresh saltwater to correct temp (75-80 degs) use airstone in bottom to turn the water over and light with flor bulb, or even sunlight, just got to watch the temp and evap rates. I never tried to raise the zooxanthellae i always went the sacrificial route when it was time

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I've found some interesting info. I'm sure I have a link somewhere regarding the size of the hermaphrodite size of the Maxima, were it was stated that they reach that stage at about 6 inches. Also Roy confirmed that data.

Now I've found this document where there is a table showing adult (hermaphrodite) maximas at 4,5cm, 2 years old.




Here is the link of the full article: http://www.cites.org/eng/com/ac/22/E22-10-2-A8f.pdf


If this is true, it is gonna be much easier then expected.

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No idea Mick. I'm reading different data on the same subject. Anyway the bigger is the better, especially for eggs, while sperm is not a problem (actually the opposite).

I know.... expecting funny comments on this post, but believe me, my approach is purely scientific lol

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